Shopping Cart Plugins That Will Skyrocket your WordPress-Based Ecommerce Website

If you are the owner of a WordPress ecommerce website, then giving your customers the best possible shopping experience while they are on your site should be your first priority. If your customers find themselves getting a subpar experience that means that they will most likely never return to your page again which that you are at risk of losing customers. Luckily for you, modern shopping cart plugins are the perfect tool to help you create a site that will be efficient and polished-looking and in this article, we will introduce you to three of the best ones out there that you should consider when you are designing your WordPress ecommerce solution.

eCommerce Shopping Cart

This is the shopping cart plugin that has the ability to integrate with your WordPress ecommerce website in a very slick way and is perfect for you if you are in the business of selling both physical items and digital downloads and it also gives you the option of giving your customers gift cards. With this plugin, you also get several marketing and promotional tools that are built into the plugin itself. One of these promotional tools is offering your customers things like coupons and you also get a number of different payment options to choose from. This plugin offers you the option of integrating your social media accounts with your WordPress ecommerce website and it allows you to let your customers pay with all of the most popular payment services, since it supports them all.

PayPal Shopping Cart

One of the best things of having a PayPal shopping cart plugin is a part of your WordPress ecommerce is that you have the ability to place PayPal branded “add in cart” and “view” buttons anywhere on your website. Of course, the biggest perk is that you get all of your payments handled by the PayPal payment gateway itself and your customers get the option to pay with either a credit or a debit card. The basic version of this plugin is free, but there is also a PayPal pro shopping cart plugin that has more functionalities and also gives you the option to customize some of the buttons as well as an option for setting taxes and different types of discounts that you may be offering.


This shopping cart plugin represents a very dynamic ecommerce solution that allows you so sell either physical goods or digital downloads through your WordPress ecommerce. This plugin has a very good development team that regularly bring out updates and lots of fresh features which enable you to have a high level of user control. Jigoshop also has a very large number of extensions that are meant to help you enhance your WordPress ecommerce, over a 100 new extensions with more becoming available each month, to be exact.

As you can see all of these shopping cart plugins have something very different and unique features, and all of them may not suit your needs. That is why it is important for you to take a good look at your WordPress ecommerce and figure out what exactly you need and which plugin will be the perfect one for your business.


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