Revealed: 4 tools for tracking visitors
in your E-commerce Website

If you didn’t know, knowing who visits on your e-commerce website is as crucial as making a sale. And not just visiting, it is essential to know what these visitors do on your site. This information is vital when making a decision on the web design, enhancing customer interaction, and optimizing your website for various marketplaces.

For this reason, tracking visitors is fundamental tasks for any webpreneur with a goal of succeeding through online venturing.  Knowing your site visitors can help you to increase profitability and conversion rates.

While Google Analytics is freely available, new software has been developed to back up and enhance visitors’ data to help you in understanding your web visitors’ internet behavior. Here are four significant visitors’ tracking tools for e-commerce websites:

Software to analyze individual and segmented visitor information

i. Clicky

Are you looking for a software to analyze individual and segmented visitor information? With Clicky you are sorted. This online software allows you to track your customer through presenting individual and segmented information about your visitors. As such it enables you to assess how your site structure and design are influencing visitors online.

Hence, you can know whether your web design is performing well or poorly. Also, Clicky offers you an opportunity for analyzing Twitter visits and real-time alerts on what happens on your social pages. For instance, if someone takes action or mentions your page, this software sends you an immediate signal. Furthermore, with Clicky worries about downtimes are eliminated.

Whenever your site crashes, the software sends you immediate alert. Hence, you can take immediate steps to rectify those problems. As such it enables you to keep your e-commerce website up and running always.

ii. Hit Sniffer

Knowing the issues affecting your site is a significant challenge for many online entrepreneurs. Importantly, solving visitors issues immediately can give you an upper hand and increase your e-commerce website conversion rates.

Hit sniffer is online software for websites that offer you a chance to chat with your visitors and solve any challenges or issues they might be encountering in your website. Also, the software helps you to boost your conversion rates through providing relevant data from social media, landing pages, site referrals, and other analysis essentials for optimization of your website.

Online software for websites
Tracking visitors software

iii. Visitor Track

Simplicity is the rule of the online platform. One of the programs that understand the essentiality of simple and easy to read information is Visitor Track. The program provides you’re easy to follow and analyze information about your visitors’ behavior.

With it, you get information on individuals and corporates visiting your website and those abandoning your data collection forms. Hence, you can identify the cause of the abandonment. More importantly, the site offers you a chance to recognize anonymous visitors. As such, you can turn these visitors into leads through marketing campaigns. 

iv. Whos on

The experience of your e-commerce website visitors is an essential aspect of improving your conversion rates. But is it possible to analyze the experience of your site visitors? This might be the question ringing in your head. Whos on is a software designed to help you assess the experience of your website users and visitors. It sends you real-time alerts of any visitor on your site. Also, the program helps to engage your visitors through live chats.

Whenever a visitor lands on your e-commerce website, a chat triggers pop-ups asking the visitor to start a conversation with you. With this features, you boost your conversion rates through enhancing customer engagement and experience. 

Engage your visitors through live chats.

Final Thoughts

Tracking visitors’ traits on your e-commerce website are essential.  With the above tools, you can easily assess how your web visitors are behaving as well as their experiences. As such, you can make effective decisions that will enhance your conversion rates.

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